July 11, 2008

  • Edwinio

    the fun police almost hand cuffed us yesterday but we escaped and drove all the way to Santa Barbara


    on the way up we saw this car. i was so encouraged and proud to be an American


    and I finally figured it out!!! i always wondered where the HOMOS came from but this is where they sell them!!!
    if any of ya’ll want some HOMOS, just go to Santa Barbara. there are plenty

    Freebird's Quesarito

    this is the Quesarito. they make a quesadilla, open it up and then fill it with some heavenly action. amen

    Cantina's Breakfast Burrito

    the last time i had this was about 8 years ago. this is the breakfast burrito from cantina’s. it was a lot unhealthier back then and they only served it from past midnight to about 8-9 am. now they sell it all day.

    not as good as i remember cuz i was not chemically induced. i miss those days

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